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We believe in the fundamental dignity of each individual. We believe that educational excellence helps to develop understanding, reasoning and thinking skills. It also helps to instill a life-long appreciation for learning and helps foster a sense of moral and ethical behavior. We are committed to the philosophy that each member of the school community must have the opportunity for reaching his potential, for enhancing self esteem, and for becoming a successful part of a demanding, changing society. We help our children realize that talents are gifts to be developed not for self satisfaction or self gain, but for the good of society.
At TITHONUS, all activities within the classroom or outside aim at nurturing creativity; fostering observation, inquiry and critical reflection; building confidence and self-esteem; shaping character and inculcating abiding values of tolerance and compassion; and appreciating diversity and internationalism. Nothing can be achieved without mutual co-operation. We want our children to be disciplined, well behaved and tolerant and respect the rights of others. The school seeks to develop the talents of the child to the full by following modern pedagogic methods.

Individual attention is paid to each student with a view to provide all aspects of education: ethical, social, artistic and spiritual. At the same time, children are encouraged to express themselves freely and creatively, in an atmosphere of mutual care and goodwill.

I request you to read the information contained in the next pages carefully. Please do interact with the teachers on a regular basis, as it is only with mutual co-operation that we will succeed in our mission of creating an environment where the child develops as a responsible and useful member of the world we live in today. Thank you!